Interview with Center4’s BigIdea Winner

The 2014 NYC BigApps Competition is almost at the finish line and like last year, the tech community here continues to show it’s strength and scale. As a first year BigIdea Sponsor, Center4 posed a workforce development challenge to the New York tech community to come up with a tool that will help improve access to real-time labor market information to help low-income New Yorkers get jobs. We are pleased to announce that our BigIdea challenge winner is NYC Hired! Read More.


NYC BigApps Teams Tackle Workforce Development Challenge

Back in May, Center4 became a BigIdea Sponsor for the 2014 NYC BigApps. We challenged the New York tech community to help improve access to real-time job data to help low-income New Yorkers get jobs. We’re excited to announce that three BigApps teams - NYCHired, Plexx, and Roletroll - have answered the call and taken on Center4’s BigApp Idea challenge. Find out more...

Workforce Development Summit Emphasizes Tech and Innovation

Technology and Entrepreneurship were the highlights at the 2014 NYCETC Summit and Expo - the City’s workforce development event of the year. The event brought together over 300 representatives from top New York workforce development nonprofits, city agencies, technology companies, and other industry professionals to discuss the latest trends and developments in the field. Read more.